Monday, 30 March 2015

Top 9 Perform

Daniel's track is really not good. His singing is cracking up. He does look good on camera, as Keith points out and he gets on well with the audience. Clearly he is getting plenty of votes but he has to do better or we'll have a dud winning this thing.

A far better vocal from Quentin Alexander but still not one that convinces me that he deserves the Idol crown this year. A nice production all round, although far too short of course. This is one talented individual and I certainly see him selling albums and getting a contract. whatever happens on the show. Great song choices so far as well.

Joey tried to do Cindy Lauper this week. She looked great but her singing was a bit odd and Harry doesn't look too impressed. She is better than that.

Tyanna was one I was thinking might go home this week. She seems to have survived, though. This version of Whitney Houstons' I Want To Dance With Somebody is OK but a bit light and lacking in the passion the song usually has. Disappointing again.

Nick is a little more inspired with Man In The Mirror. I just don't see him winning either. I guess that was one of the better acts tonight but he will have to do a whole lot more.

Rayvon isn't making the grade either in this rather sad week for the show. He just sings along and does a little oohing here and there but it is actually quite boring. He hits the right notes but then most of the contestants are doing that. There is just not a lot I can think to say about that performance.

This could be a winning performance on a quiet tight. Nicely done. Every Breath You Take is not an easy Police song to perform but he got it just right. Well done. Streets ahead of the others. This guy could well take this thing after that sort of performance.

Doing Bon Jovi's You Give Love A Bad Name takes some courage but Jax can be relied upon and this performance has bags of originality and you can just tell that she is trying hard to reach people but has a great deal of confidence. She deserves to be here and will make an intriguing finalist.

Lucky still to be here and that means that the two girls, Maddie Walker and Adanna go home. That's quite a surprise, as I had Maddy down for the Country vote and Adanna as a potential winner with such great performances. So neither even get to sing as the panel used their only save last week. So sad,

I have to say that, apart from abit of Jax, some Quentin and Clark, this was a poor week.