Thursday, 28 January 2016

Bus Auditions and some more who make it through very easily

Bus Auditions is an odd title but this is where the AI bus goes around places and people get a chance to

Po is Chi Scott's sister. Chi reached the final 24 last year. Nice girl that I would like to have seen do better. This one has a sort of broken voice and is a good performer. She is pleasantly natural and impressed all the judges a lot. Straight through. Her real name is Miranda. Po is a TellyTubbies thing. I'd forgotten all about TellyTubbies and thought that they were only a British thing too. See what you learn watching American Idol.

Amelia Eisenhauer comes with a samurai sword. I am not entirely sure why. She is a confident girl with quite a bit of experience and really does know what she's doing. She comes in to the audition room with a fiddle but only plays a few notes at the start. Harry says she has a mysterious quality and I agree with that. Another strong, slightly rough-edged audition from a girl. Clearly talented this one. I don't think her granddad was the president.

Joy Dove is a bouncy, very cheerful girl. Jumbalayo I haven't heard since Karen Carpenter passed away. Full of energy and she just sings away. She may not get much further but quite fun to watch and at least she was in tune.

Nice chap up next. Mackenzie Bourg puts a medley together and sounds a bit like a more mature Justin Bieber, cleverly doing one of each of the judges' tracks - not an easy thing. 'You're a smart son of a something!' jokes Harry and, once again, he's spot on there. This is one cool dude who is very likeable, very grateful to get through and I can see him getting on very well. Watch that one.

Andrew and Aaron are nerds and are not the prettiest of contestants, particularly with low cut jeans on bend-over. A very odd couple. Not sure what they are doing together. Bits are pleasant in places but most of that was rubbish. 'A Gregorian acid trip', says Harry. 'A Gregorian Cant.' said Keith.

Next up is another one to watch. Jenna Renae plays piano and sings very well and looks totally at home. A good voice, lots of emotion but without going over the top. Not Country, more Elton and soul. A very, very good audition and she is a must to move forward. She is also photogenic and will look good on the posters. 'She's good.' says Harry.

Mario Bonds thinks he'll be the Season XV winner. He's been blind since age 10. That's a tough gig. He comes across very well, full of confidence and humour. His performance is maybe just a bit OTT but he does have a good voice if only he could control his breathing and cut out some of the chewy bits. Jennifer is spot-on when she says there are some parts that were great and others that weren't. Great person but he's not going through. Bit sad. I think I would have let him sing another song to see whether he had just been a bit nervous and might have made a good audition without all the odd bits after all.

Adam Lasher reached the last few in Season XIV. Everyone liked him and I don't know why he didn't go further. The judges clearly like him again. A quick and simple audition by this professional-looking and professional-sounding guy. He's going to do well this year.

Another one who made Hollywood last year is Emily Brooke. She made it a bit further actually too. So she's back and is very nice and modern. I like this girl and wonder how she can be just 16. With the lyrics of her audition song and clear confidence she shows a lot of experience and talent. I doubt if she's just been at school for the last year.

That's nearly it. One more audition programme and that will be that. We will have seen the Season XV Idol Winner. If, that is, we haven't seen her already.

Oh. Did I say 'her'?