Friday, 29 January 2016

That's it. We've now seen the winner. Just not sure which.

The last auditions start with a very accomplished Jessica Cobral who really impresses the judges. She sounds as if she is already a recording artist with a super voice, control and she just seems so professional. Harry says he would be shocked if she didn't make it 'very far'. She's overdone the teeth whitening, though.

Cody Ostrenga is a world champion horse riding balloon shooter and a belly dancer. He tries to sing Proud Mary but singing isn't something he'll win. He's a smart guy and looks great, easily entertaining everyone but, regrettably, not a singer.

Brian Dale Brown is a big cellphone salesman who has auditioned every year. Thank goodness there won't be another year. He makes Hollywood as he does have signs of a decent voice beneath all the silly stuff but that'll be the end of his road, I'm afraid.

Gina Naomi Baez is a sort of older cheerleader type, looking just like a girl from an anerican 1960s movie and carrying a dog. The combination is like an advert for a hoover or something and she might have been better ditching the dog and just doing a gentle ballad. She's pretty disappointed. I think she had sold it to herself that she would go through. I would have given her another chance as she was actually quite good but all the impressions were needing control.

We're getting lots of 'almost made it' people and it's quite sad as some have to be sent home and that's the end of the Idol road for them, with no 'Come back next year' option. I suppose there'll be The Voice or something else. Or they can come to UK and enliven our X Factor.

Next is Melanie Huber who has recently recovered from some nasty illness. With her short hair and odd socks and harsh glasses, she is not someone you would immediately expect to see pictured on an album sleeve. She is definitely different and, musically, quite appealing. She'll be through easily. Next stages, though. Not so sure.

Rachel Karryn performs with her dad playing guitar. Bianca Espinal sings with her granddad playing guitar and each of them get through as well as a few more we only get glimpses of but all seem to have old folk around with guitars. We don't see much of those two either so I can't really say much about them.

Next up is Justin Sullivan who is infatuated with Kelly Clarkson. Harry moves a pull-up poster of Kelly so that she appears to be singing with him. The guy is pretty average, though. The best part is the joke Harry cracks when asking if the young Filipino guitarist on stage with him is his dad! Hilarious, after all the acts shown with people accompanied by members of their family.

Chynna Sherrod is a pleasant change from all that. She 'represents', as the jargon has it, Connecticut which is where Harry is from too. He cracks another joke about how two different people can 'represent': Hey I'm from Connecticut and live in  a mansion with a swimming pool and eat at restaurants. Yeah, and I live on the street. She is a great singer, though, and has some personality although not that much . So she's through but that's probably as far as she gets.

Lilian Glanton has a few million chickens. She is real Country with a crazy accent, jeans, blonde hair and is full of Alabama. She sings her own song. Nice personality that puts most of those who have gone before tonight well in the shade. I like this girl and that was a cute little song too. She almost doesn't make it as Harry doesn't go for her at all. She reminds me of a girl who did Country and was quite amusing and came about 6th a few years back. She's had quite a lot of success and this girl could do well to follow her lead. Oh dear, what was that other girls's name. The Red Shoes girl.

Kacye Haynes talks about how he used to use drugs but now seems to have got himself off them. He looks and sounds pretty mature and comes across quite strong. He reminds me a bit of Nick who won last year, quite passionate and, although a bit 2000s, he is a bit different to a lot of this year's people. Keith is not impressed but Harry and Jennifer put him through.

Zach Person has the right look and lots of talent. A great blues guitarist and he certainly sings the blues well too. Quite unique and refreshing. He should do well. I am not sure how many votes he'd garner on the Live Shows but he certainly should stay with the programme for a while yet. Nice chap. One of the better ones in a very average evening so far.

Collette Lush is a nanny and comes in wearing what look like clown's trousers. Now she was good. She is proud of being a redhead but she should be more proud of her talent. Super talent. She made a big impression on all three. Harry wondered whether she thought she could make it all the way to the finishing line. Keith says that's a big old star that goes next to her name on his sheet.

Avalon Young is quite plain-looking and talks about how plain she is too. Like a tom boy. She could use some work from the makeover team but her voice is great, doing justice in a major way to the Beyonce number. Another good one. She could do well. She plays guitar well, it worked with her singing, not against it as some have done.

Usen Isong is an actor with a name that's different. He can perform but his singing was a bit painful on the ears. The judges must have heard something different as they loved him. Nice guy for sure but I am not at all sure he should be through. Oh well. Good tv.

Jaci Butler has green hair. She's the lead singer of a band who have green and black as a sort of theme so it may not need to stay. It is bright, though! Her band is a rock band so this should be good and a nice change. I was a bit disappointed with her Bruno Mars number. The judges liked her and put her through. I think she needs that band or some heavy accompaniment of some sort.

We then see a few fly through but we'll have to wait for another day to find out who or how good they are.

Looking a bit more amazing is Stephany Negrete. She sounds pretty good too and with no instruments in sight she just stands there and sings, making a very good impression indeed with Who's Lovin' You Now. Jennifer pointed out that she was more concerned with thinking about the next note than the meaning of the words. Fair point. She is certainly through but will need to be a bit more natural next time. No need for the makeover team, though.

Manny Torres is a Porto Rican so gets an automatic yes from Jennifer. He does a great job of This Love from Maroon Five. Nice attitude and voice and he deserves a place. Sounds great and very relaxed.

And he is the last through.