Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The search continues in Denver and Little Rock. But only John Wayne really impresses.

Welcome to Denver. People here seem quite big and look older. Oh, there's a beer festival next door. That explains it.

Emma or Amber Lynn and James The Eighth (don't ask!) do their thing to start us off. Emma Lynn sings an off the wall number and actually does quite a reasonable job of it. Quite a talented girl. The guy's guitar leaves quite a bit to be desired and he is a fan of odd stuff too but, again, not a bad audition and certainly different. Both are interesting but I can't see them going far in this competition after Boot Camp.

Emily Wears is a professional auctioneer and does an amazing job of the true spiel! That's really quite impressive but more so is her performance. I love this girl and she came across really well. I don't know the song but it was good. Unfortunately, she doesn't make it, none of the judges wanting to put her through. Pity. I think she was pretty annoyed with herself too. Normally she'd be a classic case of next year she'll be along and will get through easily. That makes it all the tougher this time. That's it. We won't see Emily again.

Chris Johnson is quite keen to move on. He is a professional musician doing whatever it takes in Memphis but he wants more. He picks a Hall & Oakes number which doesn't do much for me but the panel like him. They call him a Road Warrior and say how well he performs in a natural way. When Keith says 'Let's get you out of Memphis and on to Hollywood' that is exactly what he wants to hear.

Nashville, Arkansas is where a very young-looking chap comes from. I think there about four people living there and lots of dogs. He calls everyone 'Sir'. Ethan Kuntz is just 15. He sings the Blues and actually sings them well. Unbelievable because he's way too inexperienced to know anything about the Blues or what's behind the lyrics. He is very good, nevertheless. Keith has mixed reactions. Harry is not keen, despite him being so good, worrying about his not being able to handle some mixed genres. Jennifer is very keen to put him through. Keith is torn but he has to decide. He puts him through and we'll see what he can do in a while. he may need to change his name if he gets famous.

Mary Williams loves horses and sparkly stuff. She lives on a ranch with dogs and horses and says Y'all a lot. she does old school Country. Yes, she can don that well. Good voice and, with no accompaniment, she just hits all the notes well. Remembering how they weren't sure about Ethan being stuck in a groove I was wondering what they'd decide this time. Keith was not convinced this time but Harry was so she's through.

Xavier Sollen is a noisy chap but his job is to warm up audiences so that makes some sense and you sort of forgive him. He gets them chucking balls and Jennifer gets her first shot right in the basket, much to everyone's surprise. Nice fellow but he can't really sing. he did wake them up a bit though.

Teryan comes from a bad part of town. She uses music to escape from the drugs and guns and whatever goes on where she lives. You sort of don't want to say no as you want to rescue this girl from that world. However she didn't do that good a job of Happy. Such a shame. She's pretty and comes across well. They put her through and that's nice but I am not sure how far she'll get.

A singing Nomad called Blue is like a hippy chick. Leanne McIsaac comes across pleasantly and puts together a song specially for them. Cute, not the simplest song and I don't know if she is an Idol. I think she should have tried a better song and shown that she can sing as she seemed disappointed not to get through. Thereagain, she wouldn't have been good doing Abba and One D songs.

Tommy Stringfellow is probably last up in Denver. Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran is a cool number for this chap. Straight away you can hear that he has something special. He's good and ought to balance the books as so far it has been all girls showing talent so far. He deserves his golden ticket for sure. Hope he survives Hollywood.

Oh, there's more. Someone called Tank. He also comes with a teeny wee 'Boom Box'. Slightly embarrassing dancing we can do without. Tywan Jackson is his name. His singing isn't bad. But he isn't in tune and it gets a bit painful after a while and even The Carpenters' Guitar Man sounds bad, which is a shame, as that's a nice song. Very oddly, the judges seem to like him. he actually gets through, seemingly because he can 'entertain'. Now that doesn't make any sense to me, unless they need to balance a black v white thing. Nice chap but surely he shouldn't be through.

A big cowboy comes next. John Wayne Shultz was here a few years ago and lost out at a crucial stage to Scotty McCririck who went on to win the whole thing. John was as good and maybe better as he's more mature. So we know he's through to Hollywood for sure. It will be interesting to have a class act in there and to see how far he goes. Nice, Very good audition. And I'm not a Country fan.

Leah Harbert is frightening. I hope they stop her soon. Thank goodness.

We get reminded that Tori Kelly, currently topping the US Charts go a fair way through American Idol a year or two back and has done very well despite not reaching the Live Shows.

Jordyn Simone is 15 going on 25. She is good, doing Who's loving you? the Jacksons' number. They find it hard to believe that she is just 15 and she gets through so easily. Now there is someone who ought to do well. 'She'll look exactly the same at 45' says Harry.

Back to Little Rock,, Kassy Levels auditions well and is shown with Rhea Raj. She is different and also does a super audition, not that we see much of either. Both fly through. Chap with a beard and his hat on backwards next. Jake Dillon has a super Country-style voice and does a Kenny Loggins number about Ben. Nice track and he has to do well. Yet, again, Harry and Keith worry about his being stuck in a groove in the competition - a bit like some that have gone before. They could be right but pure Country guys have won quite often! For a moment I am thinking he is not even going to make Hollywood but Keith gives him that chance. Thank goodness. Even if his journey stops there, like several others' might too, he will have had that experience that the panel have already given to quite a few more questionable talents mostly on the basis of their just being a bit more current or pretty.

Ashley has a crazily long name and comes from Hawaii. She is seemingly very relaxed and out there. Her song is Black Velvet. I don't know. She looks lovely and sings OK but she doesn't really fit anywhere. She gets through but I feel that will be the end of her run.

Andrew Nazabekian is from Russia! Just flown in. He used to live in New York but his parents went back to Russia so he had to go to. He is a more serious singer and I am not sure how his slightly broken English will go down with voters. The panel just seem to throw him through anyway. I still think that's as far as he'll go.

Now this is the last one. From Kentucky Elvie Shane gives us House Of The Rising Sun and seems to have something a bit more interesting about him. Quite entertaining. Good choice of track and he knows what he's doing too. He's a good one to watch.