Monday, 29 February 2016

Deciding the Idol Top 10 Pt 1

Now it is beginning to look like American Idol. A big stage, lots more in the audience. We are no choosing the Top 10 from 14. Four people go straight through, decided by Keith, Jennifer and Harry, as those who they really do want to see proceed.

First selected unanimously is Dalton. Good. I am sure he'd be popular anyway and is my tip to win the Boys.
Next, Olivia makes it in. Nice. Third is Trent. That's a surprise. Maybe that's to make sure there is another guy as the girls are all so good. Last with a free pass is La'Porsha who is on track to win. Her hair has already won.

So the others have to perform. Six will make the Live Shows Top 10.

Manny is competent but I just don't see him selling records in the 2010s and 2020s. He can sing and do a stage act but I just feel he is a 70s guy and is a bit old. Nice enough but not someone whose albums I'd be rushing out to buy and if he came on the radio I suspect I wouldn't stop what I was doing. Something is missing in his relationship with the audience.

Gianna Isabella is young with a good voice and personality. She sings I Put A Spell On You and it is in a different class to Manny. That was very impressive.

Thomas Stringfellow sings One D's The Story Of My Life. Good choice for the group likely to be voting for him. It's a bit of a messy performance and he seems younger tonight but is definitely modern. He could easily take a position in One Direction if ever they needed someone. So this was OK but not as great as some of his previous efforts.

Tristan McIntosh is another youngster. She is semi Country and has a super tone to her voice. What Hurts Me Most is not a number I am familiar with but it was an interesting choice. In places she missed a note or two but she came across to the Country scene and that is no bad thing as piles of votes lie there. I felt she would otherwise be a bit vulnerable.

Avalon Young is the difficult one to judge. She is chatty and plays a relaxed song that is tremendously modern and her dress is just like she has walked in from taking the dog for a walk. Great voice but there is something I don't get. Has she got mass appeal? I really can't tell. No way can we fault her but that wasn't a performance that I'll remember for long. So far only Gianna has done that, to be honest.

There are six places. I think Gianna and Tristan may have secured two of them. Unless they makes a complete mess I would also predict Lee Jean and  will get places so that leaves two. One girl and one boy if they go 50-50. So Thomas may make it after all. The girl? Jeneve, the odd girl from the outback? Jenn with the 50s look and fascinating style? Of those two I'd give Jeni the place. Then there's Sonika. Let's see how they do.

Jenn brings Cyndi Lauper True Colors to life again. She is unique and holds your attention. I like her immensely but will America? There were odd notes that I wish she could avoid but Harry calls her lyric delivery flawless so that's OK then!

Lee Jean I had down as a potential finalist. So young but so talented. Make It Rain was brilliant. He is a superstar waiting to be ignited. Fabulous. he has to be there.

Sonika is the last doubtful one. So pretty and she sings really well but so far she has been just a little ordinary. Good, but uninspiring. And she didn't get across emotionally. I don't know the title but the song she, maybe Forever, was superb. That voice is one of the best and every note was spot on. She brought out something special there. I think she deserves a spot but who would she replace? It would have to be Gianna or maybe Jenn's after all. It may be between her and Gianna. I'd have a job deciding.

Jeneve sings Ring Of Fire. She seems a bit nervous. That didn't really work for me. She is a cool character and I can see that she would be great TV for the show. Her talent is highly musical rather than as an entertainer. I can't make my mind up but she would have to take Tristan's place and that I am not so sure is a good idea.

Last to sing is McKenzie. I have had him down as a Finalist all the way through. I don't know the song he does but it is brilliant. Very very good. Love this guy. That was a winning performance that will have Dalton wondering if he has competition. Ah, that was an original song too. My God. he has to get a contract whatever happens. We need him over here too as i am sure Brits will love this fellow too.

So here's my Top 10:

Lee Jean

I know, I have dropped both Country acts. I must be wrong but who else can be dropped?