Monday, 1 February 2016

Hollywood Week: Lines of Ten

I always find this part the worst to watch, never mind report on. In X Factor it is called Boot Camp but Hollywood Week is pretty much the same idea. Put everyone in a big room and see who gets on with others and can survive sufficiently well to impress the panel (and a few advisers we don't see!) and make the Top 40.

These 'Lines of Ten', as the sessions are called, work well. I still have memories of Scotty McCririck running around looking for a band to take him a few years back. Nightmare viewing and bad for the contestants too as some know each other well, some just naturally fall together but several are clearly individuals, and several will, I am sure, have suffered as a result. Scotty did, of course, go on to win and I think the judges make some allowances too. We did see a few dreadful 'group' performers still reach the Live Shows.

This seems better organised this year, as the come up on stage in groups of 10 but don't have to perform together. They just do a brief own thing and, if the panel hasn't already decided that they want them (as often they have) then this is their chance to influence the instances where they're on the cusp between in and out.

Interestingly, and no doubt because the producers can edit the show to highlight certain contestants, several names come to the fore as we watch. No doubt others are also through but these are definitely ones to watch, as those of you who have checked out the Top 24 spoiler might already have realised.

Dalton Rapatonni is really quite impressive in my book. He has the look and the attitude.

Jenn Blosil has passion and a super voice.

Thomas Stringfellow is good and a certain appeal that is modern like Dalton but with a touch less good looks.

Olivia Rox has star quality but probably doesn't match Jenn's tone.

Jessica Cabral gets airtime but is a bit average.

Melanie Tierce didn't sound anything like as good as she had in her superb first audition. (She falls at this stage. That was quite a surprise but she didn't do well enough. Simple.)

Sonika Vaid continues to sound lovely. She is a real contender. Great attitude too.

LaPorscha Renae is through. The hair you will not forget.

Manny Torres is one of the leading guys this year.

Harrison Cohen is not through. He seemed excellent. Oh well.

Daniel Farmer is a lesser version of Manny, quite good.

Lee Jean is cool and another major guy contender for the title.

Melanie Huber doesn't

Shelbie Z

Others fly through

Jeneve Rose Mitchell ' this is the girl who's off the grid' Brilliant.

Gianna Isabella confident and great personailty, Strong contender.

Tristan McIntosh very very attractive personality. Super voice. Definite contender plus plus in my book.

Kyrsti Jewel is 16 on the day. Wails a lot. Pretty but she wails a lot. She doesn't make it.

Michelle Marie is a bit boring and same tone all the way through. She does but I do hope she doesn't go much further.

Trent Harmon is ill but pushes on through. Good voice for all that and emotionally all there. He gets through and I hope he survives.

Miranda Poh Scott is lovely and sounds cool and modern. She's through.

Last up is Emily Brooke. Smart girl. Looks nice and has a mature attitude. I think she could go all the way this time. Nice girl. Great audition. She is through.

Oh dear, I think it is Group round next after all. Damn. That is annoying.