Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Top 24.

Stephanie Ngrete starting the show again and looking very impressive again with This Girl Is On Fire. That will get her in the Top 24 for sure. Despite her obvious stage professionalism and being one of Jennifer's favourite performances, I still have a doubt or two about how far she can go.

Shelbie Z is strong and quite aggressive, not particularly feminine either. No denying that she can sing but do I want to see her on my screen? Not really. She makes the Top 24. That's deserved. Again, how much further I don't know.

Michelle Marie has been a bit annoying and I haven't been that convinced by her performances to date. She is talented and brave but I wouldn't give her a place on the Live Shows and I feel there will be better for the Top 24 too. She doesn't get chosen. She is very good about accepting this, though, and did herself a tremendous favour with all the audience with that attitude. Well done. She'll be in another talent show before long.

Collette Lush had been a strong contender before but her latest ones have not been so good at all and that last one in front of the bigger audience didn't work at all. You feel sorry for her and the judges were quite surprised and disappointed. Harry says he was shocked. Some you think are going to win and then they fade away. She doesn't make the Top 24.

Jessica Cabral is in the same boat. Some very good auditions but she doesn't make it.

Jessica Clark and someone called Ameet we hadn't actually seen that much of get bad news. One or two others are rejected too, including one or two we might have seen more of but mostly the producers have cleverly been showing us the future stars most of the time and not so many heading for home. One girl was shown talking to her mother on what I assume was 'facetime' but the image of her mother was scary and some!

Mackenzie Bourg changes the fortunes back to success as he sails in to the Top 24, the first guy through. Can't Help Falling In Love With You worked so well for his audience!

Trent Harmon was the one who had trouble with his voice, illness-produced, which was sad. But he pushed on through. I wasn't as impressed with his Tiny Dancer but he makes the second guy spot in the Top 24.

Jenn Rae, Kory Wheeler, Adam Lasher and James VIII get through. We don't see their performances.

Jeneve does Ring Of Fire quite strangely. I don't think she has seen so many people before! Yes, she's moving on. Top 24. Will she make the Live Shows?

CJ Johnson brings strong rock performance, not heard much elsewhere. He deserves that spot.

Amelia Eisenhauer has been interesting, Very smart. Just 16. A very accomplished stage performance, singing and with the fiddle. Nice. One of the best. She is so mature looking and sounding.

Lee John is another youngster but, again, one of the leading contenders in my book. Great guy and no doubt, he's on his way and shouldn't just be Top 24 but Live Show too.

That's half we've now seen accepted.

Avalon Young is one of the very few 'current' contenders. She makes it. Not yet sold on her personality but maybe she'll grow on us.

Dalton Rapattoni is one of the stars for me. If a guy wins it could be him. He's through and must go a long way.

Manny Torrens has been pretty good all the way through. Another Top 24 member.

Then we see several pretty good people go before Thomas Stringfellow comes in. His girlfriend dumped him the night before and the emotions come through strongly in his performance. Nice. He deserves his place and will be interesting to follow.

Just at the moment the guys are beginning to look more interesting than the girls. I can imagine Dalton or Mackenzie winning, for instance, and Lee being in a final with CJ in a Live Show. Several weeks ago it was almost the reverse with few guys impressing me but several girls. There are a few still to come, though.

Sonika Vaid is one that could do well if she can make that link with the audience that is still not there. Talented and I do like her but I am not sure how much further she'll get. Definitely deserves Top 24.

Malie Delgado worked hard on stage and you'd think she would just sail through. Quite a surprise that she didn't make it. Plenty of professional competence but we didn't see that much of her.

Olivia Rox has been coughing a lot and also pushes on through. Very good, she can hold and entertain an audience. Another contestant who really deserves her place in the Top 24. Good choices by this panel all the way through.

Emily Brooke is one of my favourites. She looks lovely, sounds great and is a very cool performer you enjoy watching and listening to. I can see her making records. She'll do well. very well. Definite Top 24 and No.1 girl.

We see a few more fall by the wayside. Lee's girl Sara doesn't make it. Quite a few more fail too. Gianna Isabella has had her mum around a lot and that has been a bit annoying and she is pretty good on her own. She is Top 24 and a judges' favourite! I'm not totally convinced yet.

Just four more to go by my calculations.

Jenn Blosil is one of the unique performers in this competition. If American Idol is to go out on a high and different note then Jenn should win. She is unusual. Mature beyond her years but so talented and original. Nice. Glad to see her there in the Top 24.

Tristan McIntosh has grown on me as the auditions have progressed and her last one was one of the best. She is one of those girls who looks different each time you see her. She's through. Two more places.

Kayce and Jordan compete for the last boy's place. Jordan is impressive. Kayce is too, not quite as strong but good for all that. I think I'd pick Jordan but I'm not sure either will go much further than 24. Jordan gets it.

The last place is a girl. Lindita does a spirited performance of Bang Bang and is pretty good. La'Porsha Renae is a performer extraordinaire and does full justice to The House Of The Rising Sun. Whereas Lindita says she lost 150lbs to make the show, La'Porsha comes from a bad area and looks like she has put on 150lbs. It doesn't matter. She is the better of the two and has a classic look that will be familiar to people over ensuing weeks. You have to feel sorry for Lindita but she isn't an Idol.

So that's it. Now let's hear them sing.