Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Top 24 Idol Duets Pt 2

By the end of this session we will know the Top 14. Five more go tonight. Joining then on stage will be some great folk from the past Seasons. I am really pleased to see Haley Reinhart, someone who ought to have won. Kelly Pickler, one the stars who only came 6th but did brilliantly afterwards, with a cool and fun personaility which has kept her in demand for presenting as well as singing. Chris Daughtry came 4th and has been a very solid and successful artist since then. A chap called Constantinos didn't do very well at all - maybe 7th at best, I think, but he somehow is still doing well!  And then there's Jordin Sparks who won. Nice group of helpers.

Amelia Eisenhauer joins Kelly for Suds In The Bucket. Should be fun! Real ol' Country style. They were superb together! Great fun to watch and listen to, even if you aren't bothered about that sort of stuff. Kelly is just one cool girl. Amelia is through to the Live Shows. Done deal.

That puts pressure on the others as still five to go.

Haley Reinhard and Kory Wheeler do Benny And The Jets which each of them have done in their own Seasons. Haley is a total natural. Kory is new to all this. Bit of a mismatch and she will dominate. I mean, just look at this girl. Beautiful. And her voice and timing is fabulous. Kory does his best but his days may be numbered. He doesn't share the stage with her. He never looks at her although she keeps looking his way to no avail. The lighting does not do Kory any favours. He looks pale, ill and sweaty. The job of the makeover team is to stop that happening. Or maybe it is the lighting team? Kory gets good reviews from the panel. We'll see.

Lee Jean is paired with Chris Daughtry. Lee is star struck. The song is Home which Chris wrote. Lee is super nervous but Chris works hard to relax him and is a great mentor. Chris dominates the song which is quite understandable I suppose and Lee doesn't get much of a look in really. For all that, I still expect to see him get through.

Oh, David Cook is there too. I hadn't realised. He's with CJ Johnson. They are a good pair. David is a winner and a great mentor too. He understands music in depth and is almost analytic but it works. CJ gets to sing first in the duet. Nice touch, David. Well done. When David does come in, though, it is rather noriceable and could this mean curtains for CJ? I don't see both Kory and CJ making it somehow.

These duets are so much better than the last ones and so far everyone is getting good reviews. Of all this was the least in the rave review listing but not bad.

Jordin is singing with Manny Perez. She may get him to stop smiling in sad songs. No Air requires emotion and if he can produce that it could even help him reach the Top 14. He has the voice. I had to smile as Jordin has lots of curls in rehearsals and then comes out with dead straight hair this evening and looking quite different!

Constantine and Jen are both pretty quirky. My Funny Valentine could work well for them but it is a risk. Jen has a superb attitude and tremendous talent. Whether it is really an 'Idol' talent I am not totally sure but she is really really good and ought to be included in the Live Shows. That actually worked very well and Constantine has become quite an accomplished performer. Harry didn't like the way it went but Keith was totally opposite and gave Jen a standing ovation. She will be through then, or he'll be disappointed.

Kelly is back with Tristan McIntosh doing a song that Kelly wrote with Taylor Swift. Tristan is becoming one of my favourites. i do hope she gets through, despite her youth and comparative lack of understanding the lyrics. Great performance by both but I am not so sure Tristan didn't outdo Kelly out there! Interesting. neither were brilliantly in tune and the band were terrible, banging away sort of in time in the background.

David is very complimentary about Olivia Rox and she gets excellent reviews. If she can find the right songs then she'll be around. Harry says that Idol is lucky to have her and so we can be sure that she's through!

Haley Reinhart is singing the classic Can't Help Falling In Love With You with Adam Lasher. Haley starts and that voice is just mesmerising. Amazing. Adam tries to match her and he does have a great husky tone but he is nt quite as believable and he looks a bit nervous. Understandably! Not a bad job and they did try so hard. Somewhat deadpan review. Maybe that's his end of run.

Dalton Rapattoni is pretty star struck by Chris Daughtry. They go very well together. Chris takes some keeping up with but Dalton manages, quite easily. he is certainly a potential winner in my book. The best of the boys and I see him in the Finale.

Jordin is singing To Love Somebody with Trent Harmon. Now that's one great song but I can't watch these two. Trent's shirt is hanging out and with short jacket he looks like a squaddie fresh off the battlefield. A complete mess. which is a shame as he can sing very well indeed. Awful hair cut and clothes. Just what are the makeover people doing this Season? Dreadful. But good singing. Harry was very complimentary which is a good sign for Trent.

Shelbie Z gets Constantine. Bohemian Rhapsody is a tough call but if she makes a reasonable stab at it it could do her no harm. It is likely to be a memorable moment. It sure was. Nice job. She handled that well. The reviews were not good, though. Surprising and a bit tough on the girl, I reckon. Even though I am not a Shelbie fan I thought she worked hard there. Does she deserve to get through? Maybe not as there have been some better efforts overall.


First safe is Lee.
Next is Olivia.
Next is Jen.
Next is Dalton.
Next is Manny. That's the first I was not sure about.
Next is Tristan.
One left. That's Trent.

Sad to see the end of the road for Amelia but the others I had predicted.

Now we know who the public can vote for. There will be four more to go next week and then the Live Shows start with  a Top Ten.

This is proving to be a great show.