Monday, 22 February 2016

Top 24 Idol solos Pt 2

As we saw last week, the solos tended to dominate the decisions as to who stayed and went for the judges. So these are important.

Shelbie Z is first on the stage. I have to admit that she is not one of my favourite characters in this competition. She brings, though, bags of talent and is a good Country singer. When she says 'Come on, now clap yer hands' you get the impression that she's noting who doesn't and they'd better watch out. She can entertain but I don't think the camera likes her as much as others.

Manny Torres hits us with a bit of religion but luckily moves on to sing pretty quickly. He is accomplished but looks scary on stage and whoever dressed him in 70s brown purple and dark blue needs their head examined. It's a boring number, more or less the same pitch all the way through. the Coldplay track is cool but that was boring. This is another good singer that the camera doesn't like much. There aren't many boys so he does stand a good chance of getting through but that's about as far as he'd go anyway.

Kory Wheeler is third up. He didn't get a great deal of limelight in the bootcamp week. Yet another ill-dressed and strangely presented performer. Nice performance, though, of the James Bay track which suited him well and that was easily the best so far. Harry wasn't moved by this. Jennifer says he looked most comfortable on stage and yet we see this pale, quite unwell and sweating fellow on the screen. Not a good look.

Amelia Eisenhauer does a remarkable job with Avicii's Wake Me Up. Perhaps she rushes it a bit but it was interesting and certainly a lot more contemporary than the others before her. She also looks good and is in a different league to the other three. She really should be there and I would hope to see her in the Live Shows. Nice personality too. I think she should be safe.

Jen Blosil does Bieber's Sorry. She is a very original girl and superbly talented. Here she is at the piano in some ancient-looking dress that my grandmother night have worn but you know what - it makes not a jot of difference. This girl is brilliant and should have very safely secured her place in the Top 14. Very good and as Harry says, a breath of fresh air but he found her out of tune and wasn't happy with that. Jennifer and Keith spoke up for her and I get the feeling that, despite the tuning, she'll be through.

CJ Johnson has also suffered at the hands of the makeover team. God, they've been bad this week. He sings a strong semi-rock, slightly earthy style of something that isn't really Country. It goes down well and is true American stuff that I can see being popular there but not ever making it across The Pond. Great performance for that crowd and he should have secured a place. Harry, once again, however, says he was out of tune! Not a winner but should be Top 14.

Lee Jean is young and does look like a kid compared to the others. He also sounds like a kid but I reckon he will get through because he is modern and has not just an amazing talent but also the ability to appeal to a whole pile of teens out there. Odd song. I didn't even recognise it as an Ed Sheeran number. No-one has chosen much successfully so far. I like this chap and the camera does too. Harry says that was one of the better voices of the night. He'll like that!

Trent Harmon is a soulful singer that looks like an unwell Olly Murs. He is quite unique and sounds great. Maybe this was the first good song choice of the night. Matched him well. What Are You Listening To? is a very nice Country number but he adds a lot to make it commercial. Jennifer says he'll be in the competition for a long time. Harry says he has one of the best voices. Looks like he'll be a surprise Top 14.

Tristan McIntosh is just 15 still but is cool. She takes on Carrie Underwood's Good Girl which has tough lyrics that you really would not expect and American 15 year old to comprehend or be able to put across. So the message did suffer a bit but she is very good indeed, putting on a tremendous performance, possibly the best of the night. The camera loves her too. Harry thought it was just 'OK'. Keith says she looks like a million bucks. True. I hope she makes it.

Adam Lasher is a great, earthy rock-soul guy. He is meatier than CJ. He looks good but the performance is all pretty much on the same level. Not at all bad and the audience seem to like that. The review isn't that great. None give him him much to hope for so he could be vulnerable to losing out here.

Dalton Rapattoni is one of my favourites this Season. Great look, great voice, great attitude. He brings out Billy Idol's Rebel Yell and that is a winning number if ever I heard one. Very short but, wow, he put a lot into that and the audience went wild. He is their favourite too. Jennifer could not contain herself. Harry was totally comprehensive and Keith says he can Daltonise things. Great!

Olivia Rox is one of those contestants taht seem a little too confident. Strangely, Confident is the title of the Demi Lovato song she performs. She is a natural on stage and, yes, she is pretty cool as well as being a good singer. She didn't match Dalton was very good and very strong. She ought to be there.

Unless something goes wrong with the Duets tomorrow, Dalton, Olivia, Tristan, Lee, Amelia and Jen should be through. That leaves just one space that I would give to Trent.